Did you know that high-risk work with asbestos must only be undertaken by a licensed contractor? And that to carry out licensable work with asbestos without a licence can lead to a criminal prosecution.

Lyndon SGB is one of a small number of scaffolding companies operating in the UK who are currently permitted by the HSE to undertake licensed scaffolding work with asbestos. Lyndon SGB has held an asbestos licence for over 25 years and is highly experienced in this field.

This ancillary licence enables us to erect and dismantle scaffolding, to provide access for the licensable work where it is foreseeable that the scaffolding activity is likely to disturb the asbestos. It is vital that at the planning stage proper consideration of the risks is taken. The correct management of asbestos is an issue which is vital to the health of our employees and to our clients staff; there are no short cuts.

Please contact us to discuss whether or not the scaffolding works will require a licensed contractor, it is essential that we work together to get the process right from the start.