Taylor’s Hoists by BrandSafway has released a brand new 2023 corporate brochure documenting the company’s offerings, benefits and unique selling points.

The all-new brochure is a compact, easily-digested, environmentally-responsible, eight page digital e-reader, with a corresponding PDF version for emailing out. It is designed to showcase the brand’s award-winning vertical access offerings. A small print run will also be carried out this Summer and those wishing to receive copies should contact the office: info@taylors-hoists.co.uk.

Lyndon SGB Mechanical Access Director, Paul Price said:

“The new brochure is a great new sales and marketing tool for the business and we are sure it will be very well received by our clients. It’s great to have a fresh asset like this to showcase what we can do for our Uk construction clients in a nutshell for enlighten potential new customers, as well as remind old customers what we are all about.”

Read the brochure from our website by clicking here or from Flipsnack.