Lyndon Scaffolders working for Skanska at the iconic Battersea Power Station have netted a safety award for their working practices.

Safety concerns on the site were raised by Lyndon scaffolders who reported their concerns to Project Manager, Tony Patrick back in March.

Skanska’s Steve Moore’s then filed this Site Inspection Report on the evidence supplied by Lyndon Scaffolders:

“During the site inspection, concern was raised by a team of Lyndon Scaffolding operatives, erecting a cantilever scaffold adjacent to old marketing suite on roof. There was significant deflection to the part built scaffold, based out on steel RSJ’s cantilevered from the building. After some discussion, it was determined the way forward was to add bracing rakers below the steel beams.

This was a good call by the four scaffolders. A very clear example of Incident and Injury Free. I.e: See an issue and flag it up.”

Just another example of how safety is our core concern on every Lyndon Scaffolding job.

Lyndon & Skanska Safety Award