fullsizerenderCongratulations to Lyndon lads Nathan Smith, Craig Parry & Jon Cooke, who’ve all been awarded a Carillion Amey ‘Values Award’ – with manager Jon also collecting a Lifeguards award from Carillion Rail in partnership with Network Rail, for their fine work on recent Lyndon Scaffolding jobs for these customers.

Nominations for the Values Award came via by Glen Dobson and Stewart Dodds of Carillion – following a recent scaffold audit for the quality of work delivered on site which was described as “above and beyond expectations.”

Carillion says the Values Award is for “living our values to the full and making tomorrow a better place for colleagues and our customers” says Richard Howson, Carillion CEO. And Lifeguard badges are awarded to managers for “helping to keep everyone safe while on watch.”

Lyndon Scaffolding MD Rob Lynch said: “Flying the flag high for us – as ever chaps. Thanks for keeping up the Lyndon Scaffolding standards, with top clients like Network Rail and Carillion Amey. It’s great to get such quality feedback from important customers – re-affirming that they made the right choice using Lyndon.”