We take our corporate responsibility very seriously at Lyndon – always looking to give back to the communities we work in along with making donations to the charities we support – as a company and also backing-up the many benevolent acts of our wonderful staff.

Our 50th year in business (2018) is no exception. And we have just reached a £1,000,000 charitable donation landmark, since the 21st century began to 2017/2018 year end.

Lyndon Scaffolding CEO, Rob Lynch: “At Lyndon Scaffolding we have always taken our wider community responsibilities very seriously.  One aspect of this is the charities and good causes we support. This year we have reached a milestone, since 2000 we have made direct donations of over £1 million to the charities that are important to our employees and customers. We can only do this because of the hard work and success of all our employees, so thank you to everyone who has made this possible.”