Lyndon SGB teams in London are providing innovative access solutions on the UK’s tallest ever double deck MASTCLIMBERS™ project – at 44 storeys – on one of Britain’s largest modular building projects.

The c£1M project for main contractor, Tide Construction features MASTCLIMBERS™ with some smaller sections of scaffolding, providing access on two large blocks being erected as part of one of the largest modular buildings ever constructed in the UK, 140m and 130m high respectively.

Speaking about the in-house designed and engineered project, Mark Regan, Lyndon SGB Regional Manager, said: “The job has been up for about a year, and is now at full height. It’s a great example of what we can achieve – with 20 of our 450 Double Deck MASTCLIMBERS™ working together on the same mast fitted with anti-collision devices to help the contractor maximise productivity on this very tall and large modular job.

“The crane installs the modular section and then our top level platform is used for fixing the modular units in situ. Then the lower level platform is used for installing the external finishing, predominantly cladding. And at the lower level in the George Street elevation, a scaffold support gantry has been installed for protecting the public.

“There’s been two teams in continual attendance for the full contract duration of 57 weeks. Lyndon SGB supplied 20 double decked MASTCLIMBERS™ ranging from 13m–23m in length, fitted with a 900mm adjustable front extension allowing access to the facets of the glazed terracotta façade.”

Lyndon SGB’s Managing Director Rob Lynch added: “Our expertise in the mast climbing work platform temporary works sector, combined with our scaffolding and access knowledge and operational capacity made us the ideal choice for such a large-scale and tall modular project. It’s been an exciting and ultra modern construction project to work on – perfectly showcasing what we are capable of achieving in the modern world of construction work at height here at Lyndon SGB.”

The Tide Construction job on George Street in central Croydon features a massive 1,526 modules assembled to create two towers measuring 44 storeys and 38 storeys, which will create 546 new homes.

Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MASTCLIMBERS™) in addition to personnel and material transport hoists can all offer specific advantages over more traditional access systems for projects of all types. Lyndon SGB powered MASTCLIMBERS and hoists are quick to set-up or install and allow personnel, tools and materials to be transported quickly to the ideal working level. They create minimal obstruction above or below the access platform and leave the work face clear for other operations.

George Street, Croydon
George Street, Croydon
George Street, Croydon