• Description: Civil Justice Building Manchester
  • Challenge: Façade works on the atrium which consists of projecting “fingers” to the sides of the central atrium

The outstanding features of this 16- story building are the projecting “fingers” to the sides of the central atrium which house the courtrooms. For the façade works on the atrium and the other sections of the building, Lyndon SGB supplied and installed 21 mast climbing work platforms with heights of up to 100m. In all, more than 3 km of masts were utilised.

To install the large glass panels, electrical winches were used, secured on rails between the tops of the masts. In this way the glaziers were able to position the glass panes (which weighed up to 650 kg) safely and swiftly. Due to the complex façade structure, some of the masts could only be anchored from a height of 30m. The solution here was to erect two double-masted work platforms back-to-back to achieve stability.

Quick facts

  • Unusually shaped building with projecting “fingers” on the side;
  • 21 mastclimbing wall platforms;
  • More than 3 km of mast utilised;
  • Some MASTCLIMBERS™ were affixed from height of 30 metres due to ground level access restriction.