5 Hanover Square - Project - Lyndon Scaffolding

5 Hanover Square is a high end office development situated just off Regent Street in one of London’s premier locations.

This development by Stanhope was managed by Mace Ltd. The largest scaffold structure on this project was the double hoist run off tower.

The hoists were large and required a suitably large run off area – this was achieved by Lyndon SGB with the aid of 780mm deep aluminium trusses which could span over the hoist gates and transfer the high point loads from the hoist to the building.

Another feature of the building was the brickwork – this was constructed with lime mortar so every level of scaffolding had to provide clear and uninterrupted access. Lyndon SGB achieved this by use of their systemised braceless tube and fitting scaffold which uses hop up brackets and extendable/retractable Lynx Transoms.

Access to the sloping plant room facades also needed a designed scaffold solution in the form of a counterweighted and tied cantilevered scaffold.